"I wish we were all androgynous, that way people wouldn’t be able to tell whether we’re male or female and our sexual orientation wouldn’t really matter."

Me. (Barbara Trujillo)

"Send a little love…my way."

"Don’t Confess" Tegan and Sara

Lettre / Letter

This figure refers to the special dialect of the love letter, both blank (encoded) and expressive (charged with longing to signify desire).

stop reposting stuff jfc



I seriously wonder all the time the same thing.

Why wasn’t I born back in the 80’s? I want to be an 80’s kid! :(


Drove Me Wild - Tegan and Sara

Because this is the perfect song for Summer and I don’t know why it isn’t their second single over I Was a Fool. 

I have it, but it only comes in the Deluxe version. That’s the one I bought from iTunes. :) ^ I was a fool it’s awesome!

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"Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t find me attractive."

Where does the good go?